Oncobeta Rhenium SCT

The Oncobeta Rhenium-SCT® is a specialized state-of-the-art skin brachytherapy which utilised the beta emitting Rhenium-188 radionuclide. Rhenium-SCT® is used as a non-invasive method for treating non-melanocytic skin cancers

Rhenium-188 has a half-life of 17 hours and radiates with a beta decay energy of maximum 2.12 MeV, which enables the treatment of lesions up to a depth of 3 mm .


Oncobeta Rhenium SCT is indicated for the treatment of Basal Cell carcinoma (BCC) and Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) for patients with co-morbidities for which a surgical approach is not indicated, or for lesions whose anatomical position may result in a suboptimal clinical result. Rhenium SCT® is also indicated for BCC and SCC cases where conventional therapies have failed.

  • Additional Special Indications:
  • Queyrate Erythroplasia
  • Bowen’s disease

Oncobeta 188W/188Re Generator

The OncoBeta® 188W/188Re Generator is based on an alumina column, which is analogous to the columns used in 99Mo/99mTc generators.

The longer-lived mother radionuclide 188W is adsorbed on the column material while the daughter radionuclide 188Re is selectively eluted from the generator with sterile isotonic solution as sodium perrhenate (Na188ReO4) in volumes indicated in the specification. This enables its use either for radiolabeling reactions or directly as a high dose liquid radioactive source.

It is important to note that sodium perrhenate is not an approved pharmaceutical product, and it is therefore not for human use.